Subversive Supplies

Why trudge out to the craft store when you can have supplies delivered to your door?
Combo Book and Starter Pack Subversive Cross Stitch Starter Pack Subversive Cross Stitch Gift Card Snowflake Ornament
DMC Diamant Grande Collector's Box 3D Vintage Butterfly Needle Minder Iridescent Sparkly White 18-count Cross Stitch Material Folding Gold Scissors
Mother Of Pearl Thread Keep Sparkly Embroidery Floss set, DMC Mouliné Étoile Swordfish Scissors Subversive Hoop + Hoop Back Set
Subversive Sponges by Fred Bright Red Towel for cross stitch Our signature gold frame: 5x7 inches Happy Little Cloud Needle Minder
Flying Sparrow Needle Minder Googly Eye Needle Minder Colorful Unicorn Needle Minder New Lace Edge Bookmark
White Aida Bookmark Heart-Shaped Lace-Edged Doily Pink Victorian Embroidery Scissors Stitchable Linen-Blend Square Pillow Case with Heart
Stitchable Red Plaid Square Pillow Case Heart-Shaped Frame Stitchable Linen-Blend Square Pillow Case in Natural Color Stitchable Linen-Blend Square Pillow Case in White
Hummingbird Needle Threader SCS signature die-cut fabric Cross Stitch-able Tote Bag: Natural DMC Charles Craft Aida Fabric
Beeswax Bliss Magical Unicorn Embroidery Scissors Bohin Gilded Rabbit Embroidery Scissors Gold Rooster Embroidery Scissors
Gingher Embroidery Scissors Blue Handle Embroidery Scissors Black Victorian Embroidery Scissors Goldfish Embroidery Scissors
Combo Finishing Set Supplies for Warning PDF pattern Stitchery Tape DMC Gold Stardust Metallic Fabric
Thread Lube Kitty Cat Needle Minder Pack of Tiny Sew-On Rhinestones Embroidery Floss set, SCS palette
Mini Super Snip Scissors Punk Is Not Dead Small Zip Pouch Nevertheless She Persisted Small Zip Pouch I Like The Way You Work It Small Zip Pouch
Stitchable Jute Tote Bag Small Heart cards, set of ten Stitchable Linen-Blend Oblong Pillow Case Single skeins of DMC embroidery floss
Stitchable Baby Booties Subversive Needle Minder DMC Stitchable Cuff Small Ornate Gold Frame
Giant DMC black floss cone for the serious stitcher Small gold frame Did You Take Your Meds Today? Medium Zip Pouch Did You Take Your Meds Today? Large Zip Pouch
White 18-count Cross Stitch Material Round 3.5" acrylic hanging frame ornament Official Subversive Stitcher Bag Magnetic Needle Keeper
Small gold frame: 3x3 inches Thread Snips Thread Organizer Three 5 x 7-inch foam core boards for mounting
Long rectangular gold pin Square gold pin Gold pendant for cross stitch Water Erase Pen
Official Subversive Cross Stitch patch Round Magnetic 3" Clear Frame Black Cross Stitch Material Set of 3 Handy Little Needle Cases
Acrylic coaster for cross stitch DMC Diamant Metallic Gold Embroidery Thread Plastic 5-inch hoop White cards; rectangular opening
Glow in the Dark floss Stork Embroidery Scissors My Favorite Needles White cards - square opening