Alt Kits

Pendants, bookmarks and other alternatives to regular kits.

Towel Kit: Wash Your Damn Hands Gold Frame Kit: Love Your Self Fuck Fuck Fuck Heart Frame Kit Ruler Kit: Screw The Rules
Frame Kit: Hey Squirrelfriend Small Ornate Frame Kit: NOPE Hearts Love Trumps Hate Heart Frame Kit Frame Kit: meh.
Small Ornate Gold Frame Kit Bookmark Kit: Fuck Off, I'm Reading Gold Frame Kit: Valentine's Day Can Suck It Baby Booties Kit: My Life Is Dope And I Do Dope Shit
3-D Cross Stitch Kit with Glasses Guest Towel Kit: Please Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom Guest Towel Kit: Warsh Your Hands Baby Bib Kit: Tiny Overlord
Baby Bib Kit: NOM NOM NOM Baby Booties Kit: Ev'ry Day I'm Hustlin' Baby Booties Kit: Bootylicious Baby Booties Kit: Shits & Giggles
Bookmark Kit: Read A Fucking Book Bookmark Kit: Your Book Might Be Thick But My Book's Thicker Bookmark Kit: Oh My God, Becky, Look At Her Book Gold Frame/Ornament Kit: Happy Fucking Holidays