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Combo Book and Starter Pack

We have run out of books, due to a failing on the part of my publisher. But Amazon has thousands of them! Isn't that just LIFE?

For now, I encourage you to buy our gift pack here and buy the separately at Amazon: Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side because it's still a great combo!

Really sorry for the inconvenience! I'll have more books in January and this combo will return.


Our best-selling book PLUS all the supplies you need to get started stitching immediately! Included in this $40 combo is $59 worth of our favorite cross stitch goodies.

About the Gift Pack:

The perfect gift to introduce some one to stitching or just to Subversive Cross Stitch. Or a great way for you to get started!: 

- Official Subversive Cross Stitch supplies bag (with patch!) 10" x 19"
- Five pieces of our special die-cut material (Charles Craft 14-count)
- Pack of DMC embroidery floss (8 skeins) in the Subversive palette
- One pack of my favorite needles (John James size 24)
- One plastic 5" hoop 
- Subversive needle-holdin' magnet

About the book:

My new cross stitch book has been the #1 seller in the cross stitch category on Amazon since its release -- that's almost two years!

With 50 color patterns of my original designs, a grid and alphabets to chart your own words, lots of advice and pro tips, it's an encouraging introduction to your new favorite craft.

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