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The Future Is Female Pink Gingham Kit

Powerful and beautiful at the same time, JUST LIKE WOMEN! 

Kit comes with everything you need:

- One hoop
- pink gingham material by Riley Blake
- instructions 
- chart
- one embroidery needle
- DMC cotton floss in black 

HISTORY LESSON TIME! I've actually been getting negative comments about this phrase because some people think it excludes men. Well, not my intent at all, and here's a little history because I didn't make this phrase up. The phrase comes from 1975 and was coined by Liza Cowen. The phrase ‘The Future Is Female” was originally meant to beckon to a strength in women (especially lesbian women) to take power and control in situations where they often had little or none. Today, I understand the meaning to be empowering, feminist, about equality not exclusion (the fact anyone would think it means to exclude men from the future is absolutely ludicrous to me!) I think it means that more females should be involved in government because it seriously is a patriarchy and women bring a different energy to the world. That's all! I'm certainly not hating on anyone, why would I do that?