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Subversive Hoop + Hoop Back Set

I've always wanted a simpler way to finish cross stitch in hoops that's sturdy and also beautiful. I finally had these hoop backs made!

They're so gorgeous, with our logo etched by laser on the wooden back. And, once you're ready to give your hoop work a back that's worthy of your work on the front, it's SO simple. Just a little glue and you're done!

It's a craft revolution!! Get ready to save a lot of time cranking out gifts this season without having to gather the fabric in the back and finish with felt (I find that whole process SO maddening) But now--*mwah - chef's kiss!*

p.s. this is also a solution for the perfect round frame for our Circle Fuck piece (shown in photos)! Kit available here.

Each set comes with a hoop and a hoop back, or you can get two sets for a little less. These are the same 5" wooden hoops that come with our Deluxe Kits.

One set $8.00

Two sets $15.00