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Subversive Cross Stitch: The Book!

June 2000 update: The book has slipped into being out of print. The publisher tells me that there will be a new printing by August 2000. I'm really sorry about this issue, unfortunately for us not much can be done about it. Thank you for your patience. 

If you'd like to know more about the book, what patterns are in it and how it came to be, here's a blog post all about it. 

We are currently out of stock. You can order the book on Amazon using this link: Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 F*cking Clever Designs for Your Sassy Side

Shipping overseas is expensive! You can always order a bookplate from us, signed, and get the book in your country if you wish.

Our book has remained the #1 book in the cross stitch category on Amazon since its release in February 2015! With over 300 reviews and counting and a rating of over 4 1/2 stars, it's a good investment and a book you'll refer to over and over. 


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