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FREE PDF: You Are Beautiful

This pattern is now FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE on this site. Unfortunately, Paypal no longer allows zero-total checkouts, so in order to download this pattern for free, you'll have to make a purchase of something else on this site. There's no minimum amount required, the least expensive choice is probably another of our $5 PDFs. Sorry about the change, it was beyond my control!

I've been a fan and contributor to the You Are Beautiful project for years. It's a simple message to share with the world and spread a little kindness, through various art forms and also their iconic stickers--stuck where you least expect them. I stitched this piece to celebrate their 10th year and their upcoming book which was financed through Kickstarter. 

To match their sticker, I actually painted the material with silver spraypaint and it worked out fine! The instructions with this pattern include tips in case you want to do the same. 

The pattern is free--spread the message with the world--You Are Beautiful! And be sure to check out their awesome website.