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Rapper Dollar Bling Kit

Behold! I have subverted the idea of tiny, twee and sweet stitched necklaces to create THE ultimate statement piece that says Yeah, I cross stitch, bitch! Those dainty necklace kits are fine for some girls, but ours is a whopping FOUR inches!

I have also conquered the difficulty of working with metallic thread and you can, too! Here is my tutorial and tips which will make your metallic thread behave. I'll include a printed version of this in your kit so it's convenient.

This kit includes everything you need to make this fabulous pendant except for the chain and some gold paint. You can buy the chain in this Etsy shop or add your own (I didn't want to raise the price by reselling it here, but I think it's the PERFECT chain).

You may also want to add some Thread Lube unless you've already got some. It's not absolutely essential, but it will help the metallic thread glide more easily.

Included in this kit:

- an entire spool of DMC metallic thread, gold
- one skein of DMC #725 gold cotton floss
- one 4" wooden hoop
- full color pattern and instructions
- special tips for taming metallic floss
- white fabric
- one needle
- one 4" felt circle in gold for the back

PLEASE send in your photos with the finished piece to add to our page!