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Disagree Protest Sign Kit - FULL KIT

Now is the season for town hall meetings. If you're planning on getting out there and being a part of democracy, channel your passion into this sign to express your desires. Inspired by Shannon Downey's awesome sign from the Women's March, this is a great way to put your stabby feelings to work on something creative that may just change the world. 

I have TWO versions of this kit - KIT WITH HOOP is the full shebang with large quilting hoop that ships in a box.

KIT WITH HOOP includes:
large wooden quilting hoop (8" x 15")
DMC red 14-count material
small 5" wooden hoop for stitching
two skeins of white DMC floss
two needles
instructions and pattern

It has to ship in a Priority Mail box, sorry, we tried to make it work for less but the wooden hoop is just too substantial for a mailing envelope. We also offer a kit without the large hoop in case you already have one and want to save on shipping!