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PDF patterns delivered instantly via email. Browse or search (i.e. PDF plus holiday, iphone, lyrics, QR, gift, etc.) Three pages so far, over 300 patterns!

PDF: Squirrels Are Like Cigarettes PDF: Guilty As Fuck PDF: Who Are You Doing New Year's Eve? PDF: Vampires Suck
PDF: We Can Pickle That! PDF: Stop Freaking Out PDF: Show Me Your Teeth PDF: Santa Can Suck It
PDF: Put A Bird On It! PDF: Of Course I Care PDF: People Are Cattle PDF: Mom Tattoo
PDF: look who's a MILF! PDF: Life Sucks, Then You Die PDF: Kiss My Ass PDF: It's Lavish, But I Call It Home
PDF: Is That All There Is? PDF: I Heart My Baby Daddy PDF: I Survived The Rapture PDF: Hipsters Use Back Door
PDF: Go Fuck Yourself PDF: Get Lost PDF: Fuck Snow PDF: Fuck Lupus
PDF: Fuck Cancer PDF: F-U-C-K Hearts PDF: Fa-La-La-La-La La-Fucking-La PDF: Pussy Got Me Dizzay
PDF: Don't Tweet Your Meat PDF: Do Not Fuck With Me PDF: Daddy Yo PDF: Curses
PDF: Don't Make Horseplay Your Forte PDF: CAUC PDF: Awesomesauce PDF: All Hat and No Cattle
PDF: Bah Fucking Humbug PDF Valentine: Bite Me PDF Valentine: Be My Bitch PDF: Subversive LOVE NOTES Valentines
PDF Valentine: Valentine For William PDF Valentine: I Fucking Love You PDF Valentine: Fuck It PDF Valentine: F Me
PDF Valentine: Be My Fuck Buddy PDF: Welcome Tiny OverlordS - for twins! PDF Valentine: URAQT PDF Valentine: Thanks. Now Get Out.
PDF: 2012 Valentine series: Let's Be Naughty PDF: Valentine series: ALL TEN designs for ... PDF: Namaste, Bitches! PDF: Fuck Off, I'm Reading bookmark pattern
PDF: Fuck Fibro PDF: Cell Block Tango from Chicago PDF: All I Wanna Do Is Zooma-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom... PDF: iphone case Put A Bird On It!
PDF: Winning! PDF: Welcome Tiny Overlord PDF: Set of four glow-in-the-dark Halloween... PDF: Kiss My Tiara
PDF: Keep Your Filthy Paws Off My Silky Dra... PDF: I Want My Ni-Ni! PDF: Home Is Where The Vodka Is PDF: go insane go insane throw some glitter...
PDF: Glow-in-the-dark skeleton! PDF: Glow-in-the-dark cat eyes say Go Away! PDF: Charlie Sheen Brain Cure PDF: Beware of Dog (he is very sarcastic)
PDF: Yo Mama PDF: Word To Your Mother PDF: QR CODE for Go Fuck Yourself PDF: QR CODE for "Use A Fucking Coaster"
PDF: QR Code for "Shut The Fuck Up" PDF: QR Code for "Get The Fuck Out Of My Cube" PDF: QR CODE for "Are You Fucking Kidding Me?" PDF: Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement
PDF: Don't Make Me Cut You PDF: Candy Is Dandy, But Liquor Is Quicker PDF: Will Stitch For Nog PDF: Will Stitch For Cocktails
PDF: Welcome To Bleak House PDF: Kiss Me, You Fool PDF: Irony Is Not Dead PDF: Homo Sweet Homo
PDF: Chill The Fuck Out PDF: Candy Ass PDF: Bitch Please PDF: Bitch Bitch Bitch
PDF: Beeyatch PDF: Be My Bitch PDF: Babies Suck PDF: Happy Fucking Holidays, Deer
PDF: Happy Fucking Holidays 4 PDF: Happy Fucking Holidays 3 PDF: Happy Fucking Holidays 2 PDF: Happy Fucking Holidays 1
PDF: Happy Fucking Birthday PDF: Get The Fuck Out Of My House, Bitch PDF: Fancy Fuck PDF: You Suck