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Super Tiny Valentine Frame Kit

Are you ready for a challenge? These super-tiny frames are roughly 2 1/4 x 2.3/4" and the fun part is that they include 25-count fabric! I hope you have some high-power reading glasses!

I bought these from a woman in the UK, they're actually vintage mementos from the 1977 Silver Jubilee of the Queen (they come with the original tiny Queen photo). We had tri-fold back/easels made because the original backs were icky, aged plastic. 

This is truly a rarity and sure to make even the most jaded Valentine-hater blush! Kit includes full-color pattern, instructions, needle and floss.

Inspired by the wonderfully talented zeekidvicious , who did it first!


I'm already working to find more tiny frames for more tiny projects! Stay tuned...

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