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Combo Frame Kit: Isolation Update / No Pants

OKAY. I assume you're seriously bored at home by this point, so let's try something unusual! I'm going to put the instructions for this project on the blog as well, because you'll probably need them. 

Now, dig in and enjoy the process. This one's a lot of fun!

Kit includes:

- 4-page instructions with photos 
- full color pattern chart
- two needles
- DMC cotton floss
- Silver-grade Aida fabric with pinked edges 
- 5" wooden hoop
- 5" x 5" black wooden frame
- adhesive circle velcro dots

About the frames:

We don't include the glass, because it's not generally used with needlework and doesn't endure shipping very well. 

About the kits:

Deluxe kits include a full-color pattern, instructions, hoop, needle, thread and material -- everything you need to start stitching! Our material is silver grade Charles Craft Aida, 14-count, with die-cut pinked edges to prevent fraying. Our thread is DMC cotton six-strand floss.